Tips & Tricks

How to make Homemade Granola
One of our all time favs⁠! When the pantry is stocked this is the easiest recipe to make a big batch to last for many brekkies. ⁠Much cheaper than most store bought granolas plus you can control how sweet you want it.
What does Plastic-free mean?
Recently I read that every plastic created, if it hasn't been incinerated, is still floating around our environment... I've also read plastics (depending on which ones) take 10-1000+ years to decompose. Either way, its a long-ass time. ⁠ Plastics are...
Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers DIY
Let's talk about Bon-Bons, aka Christmas Crackers. More often than not, these bon-bons contain fairly useless plastic toys, like tiny combs and tiny dice, or other bits and pieces. And they usually come packaged in cardboard boxes with plastic windows....