Bottle & Jar Return

The Bulk Cellar's liquid products are packaged into reusable bottles and jars. If you have purchased one of our bottles or jars with a previous order, you can return it and get the price of the bottle or jar deducted from your future order.

How it works

Select your bottled product

When you click on any liquid product, you will see a question below the product title that says, 'Will you be bringing back your bottle for reuse?'. If you are going to bring back your bottle for reuse, simply click 'Yes' and $2.00 will automatically be deducted from the order price. Your liquid will be packaged in a new clean jar for a discounted price.

Return your bottle to the workshop

Bring your empty, clean bottle or jar back when you come pick up your goods. We will have a crate to place your jars and bottles in and a sign-off sheet for you to sign when you have dropped off to us. Alternatively, if we are delivering to you, leave out in a safe place for us to collect.

Save money & the environment

We will pack your order into a new clean reused bottle or jar to save you money, and save on new packaging. Circular economy swap!

Please note: If you mistakenly do not bring back a bottle despite specifying you would, we will charge the price the of bottle to your card you paid with.

Any questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions at all at or phone 0420932275.