My name is Lindsey and this is The Bulk Cellar family. I have started this small business in means to help eliminate single use plastic packaging on dry goods found in your pantry and in your home, whilst making it affordable to purchase local and good quality. We want to make it easy for you to shop plastic free & zero waste and save your precious time

Did you know only about 9% of plastic is actually recycled? That leaves a mass amount of plastic- not being recycled and being put into our environment and world.

Being a mother of two young children and on the path of trying to create less waste, I have found it difficult to try and shop this way by refilling my jars at the health food and bulk food shops (it’s not the easiest to put your focus somewhere else with small children!!)

So, The Bulk Cellar has been created. An online shop where my team (my husband and I) will pack your order in paper bags or glass jars (that can be exchanged), then either delivered to your home (if you’re in the delivery zone) or to be picked up from our packing shed at our home :)

We are focused on our local community, inspiring and promoting a healthier lifestyle with less plastic.

Order online or by phone to shop for affordable wholefoods found in your pantry, as well as environmentally friendly, sustainable living products found throughout your home.

We look forward to growing with you!