Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers DIY

Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers DIY

Let's talk about Bon-Bons, aka Christmas Crackers.

More often than not, these bon-bons contain fairly useless plastic toys, like tiny combs and tiny dice, or other bits and pieces. And they usually come packaged in cardboard boxes with plastic windows. A quick thrill and then excess waste. ⁠

Alternatively, the good ol' toilet paper roll! ⁠

Here’s how to do it… ⁠

1. Grab an empty toilet roll, a sheet of tissue paper (bigger than your toilet roll), a bon bon snap (most craft stores like Spotlight stock them for $3 a packet), a little useful gift ( things like metal clothes pegs, DIY perfume roller bottles, beautiful organic tea bags, vouchers for family movie nights etc.), a joke, string to tie and a strip of fabric to decorate it at the end.⁠

2. Place the gift, joke and snap inside the toilet roll and place in the centre of the tissue paper.⁠

3. Roll and cover in tissue paper; twist and secure ends with string.⁠

4. Position fabric around the centre of the completed bon bon and glue/tape (for a decorative finish)⁠


To get a visual of this check out The Inspired Little Pot 🙂⁠

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