What does Plastic-free mean?

What does Plastic-free mean?

Recently I read that every plastic created, if it hasn't been incinerated, is still floating around our environment...

I've also read plastics (depending on which ones) take 10-1000+ years to decompose. Either way, its a long-ass time. ⁠

Plastics are an amazing material that have incredible durability. But since the world wars ended, the production of plastic has turned into mass consumer goods. ⁠

We still have a generation here on earth that knows what life was like without the mass amount of plastic!! It's hard to imagine what that life was like. ⁠

So what does plastic-free mean?

Plastic-free means that the content of the product is not made with plastic and is not sold in plastic packaging. The Bulk Cellar is Plastic-free. ⁠

Plastic-free Living to ME is not necessarily 100% no plastic. It's not about perfection. It's about choosing to make better choices. It's a goal to reduce landfill and make use of current resources. It's doing what I can, within my means, to refuse single use items, make simple switches and avoid plastic packing. ⁠

"Choosing to make small changes, will make a difference," said a million people. ⁠

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