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Reusable Liners

Reusable Liners

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Reusable Liners – everyday wear/light flow

Locally Made in South Australia

Kate’s Creations eco-mindful reusable liners are an excellent alternative to store bought disposables.

Think of the amount of disposable liners you’d save if you had your very own reusable variety! Speaking from experience, our liners are super comfy and easy to care for. It feels pretty cool knowing you’re saving one more liner from landfill each time you throw one of our reusables in the wash!

Excellent for everyday wear, as a cup back-up, for a bit of extra protection in the final days of your period, or as a discrete support if you suffer from light bladder leakage.

Our liners are backed with soft grey flannelette and topped with a sweet printed cotton fabric. They contain a layer of waterproof ProCare fabric and a core composed of 2 cotton flannelette pieces.

To use, simply clip the wing press studs around your undies and you’re good to go! The texture of the flannelette against your undies, along with the press studs, helps to keep your liner in place as you go about your daily activities. We make our liners with 2 press studs to ensure you get the perfect fit for your body.

Care: Soak in water or hand wash in the shower if visibly soiled then throw in the washing machine on your everyday cool-moderate heat cycle. Tumble drying not recommended as it may shorten the life of your pads, but mine regularly end up in there and survive!

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