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Paprika Sweet Organic 50g

Paprika Sweet Organic 50g

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Capsicum used for sweet paprika is allowed to fully ripen before being processed. This gives the fruit berries as much as 6% sugar content. Once ripe, the capsicum are fully dried then ground into a powder that has a deep red color. Sweet paprika has a mild flavor with sweetness and little pungency to it. This also carries a sweet and aromatic scent.

In cooking, sweet paprika is used to add color and enhance flavor rather than adding heat to a dish. It is a common ingredient in Hungarian and Spanish cooking, being used in many different savory dishes. Sweet paprika mixes well with seafood, meat, chicken, rice, potatoes, and cauliflower among other things.

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Paprika, Botanical name - Capsicum Annuum

Storage: Store somewhere cool, dark, dry and airtight to keep it fresh. Store up to 18 months.

Origin: Spain

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