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Organic Brown Rice Flour 100g

Organic Brown Rice Flour 100g

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Dehusked rice grains are milled with bran intact to produce this nutritious, wholegrain flour. Its mild, nutty flavour works well in pancakes, muffins and bread. Can also be used for thickening sauces.

How Much? 1 Cup ~ 150g 

Ingredients: 100% Organic Rice Grain (Brown)

Origin: Thailand

Storage: Store in an airtight, dry, cool, dark enviroment.

Nutritional Information: Per 100g

Energy 1490kJ
Protein 7.6g
Fat - Total 2.6g
Fat - Saturated <1.0g
Carbohydrate - Total 72.5g
Carbohydrate - Sugars 3.9g
Sodium <5.0mg



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