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Gather Kombucha - 1.89L Growler

Gather Kombucha - 1.89L Growler

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Gather Brewing Kombucha

Real Kombucha, craft brewed

Comes in a 2L Growler Bottle that can be returned for refills


The classic crowd favourite mix of Ginger & Lemon. It packs a punch and sets the taste buds tingling. Fresh, raw & locally made in Adelaide. Australian sourced Ginger and locally picked Lemons cold pressed straight into the brew create a full bodied, Deliciously Wild flavour.

Thats my Jam:

THAT’S MY JAM KOMBUCHA: Raspberries. Straight up. The perfect balance between sweet and sour, providing a full raspberry hit. Traditionally brewed in Small Batches using premium Australian Raspberries to infuse a full-bodied, Deliciously Wild flavour, without unnecessary sweeteners and additives. It’s fresh, raw and bottled by hand in Adelaide.

*Please note; due to the natural fermentation process this drink may contain alcohol above 0.5% ABV, but no more than 1.15%.

It must be kept refrigerated and stored below 4 degrees°C at all times.

* Please note with delivery, we will freshly pour right before delivery. If you are not going to be home the morning of your delivery please keep a chilled esky out to leave into, and if you are returing a bottle for a refill please leave out for us to collect.

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