Coconut Fibre Kitchen Scrubber

Coconut Fibre Kitchen Scrubber

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Replace your green nylon pot scourer with a biodegradable, zero waste, vegan friendly, coconut fibre scrubber.

The natural bristles get into all those hard to clean appliances and utensils and it wonts scratch enamelware. Coconut fibre lasts longer, it won't become greasy and its great for all your pots and pans, mesh strainer, mirco graters, and even work wonderfully on the bread board.

Coconut fibre is naturally anti-bacterial, so this scrubber wont become smelly or mouldy.

Compost your plastic free pot scourer at the end of its life.


Eco Max brushes are made in Sri Lanka. They are fair trade and ethcially handmade by a small family run business that prides itself on crafting beautiful, sustainable, handmade brushes whilst providing much needed employment and skills training for local women.


We pack a range of natural food products on shared equipment including nuts (almonds, peanuts and cashews), seeds, grains and cereals. We do our best to avoid cross contamination but need you to know that our products may contain traces of other products. 

Our suppliers also pack foods on shared equipment including sesame, peanuts, soya protein and gluten containing products. They also do their best to avoid cross contamination but it can occasionally occur.