Kangaroo Island Quick Oats - 100g

Kangaroo Island Quick Oats - 100g

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Kangroo Island Quick Oats are finer and thinner in texture than a Rolled Oat.

A versatile oat that cooks more quickly and delivers a soft, creamy consistency.

One and two minutes to cook- perfect for those on the go!

How Much? 1 Cup ~ 110g .  Serving size 35g

Ingredients: Kangaroo Island Oats produces the Kowari oat variety for its improved beta-glucan content to help reduce blood cholesterol re-absorption.

Origin: 100% grown on Kangaroo Island, Australia. 

The unspoilt land of Kangaroo Island can be experienced in every mouthful of these premium oats that grow with the best of everything: fresh coastal air, clean water and a pristine natural environment.

KI Oats, The Remote Oat Company has a philosophy to farm and produce sustainably  with a natural approach so our children and our children’s children will enjoy the stunning region of Kangaroo Island for many years to come. 

We love stocking local and businesses that care about our enviroment!

Nutritional Information: Per 100g

Energy 1590 kJ
Protein 12.7g
Fat - Total 9g
Fat - Saturated 1.9g
Carbohydrate - Total 55.1g
Carbohydrate - Sugars 1.3g
Fibre 12.7g
Beta Glucan 5.2g





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