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Organic Coffee Beans - Single Origin Locally Roasted 500g

Organic Coffee Beans - Single Origin Locally Roasted 500g

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Coffee Time!

Organic Coffee Beans roasted here on the Fleurieu by the wonderful people at 40 Acres Coffee

 Organic Single Origin Ethiopian blend:

100% certified organic coffee sourced from a mico lot farm in the Guji region of Ethiopia. Fertile soil rich in nutrients grow these indeginegous speciality heirloom variety. The beans are naturally sundried and rinsed. An easy drinking, smooth and flavourful coffee which is suited to all types of brewing.


Ethiopia - Tero , Guji region. Grade 1 Natural

Tasting Notes:  Hints of honey, orange, winey, pulpy, fruit punch

How Much? 100g is ~ 1 Cup of beans

* we will be packing these beans in brown eco compostable paper bags for you to refill into your own airtight sealed bag or container for lasting freshness.

Dont have a coffee pouch at home? We have 500g and 1 KG coffee pouches available that can be reused over and over and over again.

Note: There is absolutely NO WASTE involved with us stocking these coffee beans. We can take our storage drum in to get refilled or swapped when empty. A great circular economy!






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