Euca Fabo Fabric Concentrated Softener Conditioner

Euca Fabo Fabric Concentrated Softener Conditioner

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Australian made highly concentrated final wash aid that will enrich your fabrics to make them feel luxurious, softer and fresher plus also make your ironing easier.

It has anti-static properties that make it particularly good for all synthetic blend fabrics.

Euca Fabo utilises Australian eucalyptus oil to clean plus deodorise naturally, is sodium and phosphate free, good to use for hot or cold and ideal for top and front loading washes.

Euca Fabo is suitable for all septic, bio and grey water systems, is low allergenic for those with skin sensitivities.

How to Use:

20ml - normal load

40ml - large load

Ingredients: Water, Eucalyptus Oil, food colour, Quaternary Ammonium Salt, Ammonium Methyl Sulfate, Cationic Surfactant and Propanol Alcohol.

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