Eucalyptus Dish Washer Powder 100g

Eucalyptus Dish Washer Powder 100g

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Euca Eucalyptus Dish Washing Powder is:

- 100% soluble and bio degradable

- Pure Concentrate

- Natural Eucalyptus has strong deodorising and cleaning powers

- No added fillers or chlorine … no nasties

- Tough on all grease and grime with an added rinse aid in the formula

- Commercial grade ….

- Use less per wash – costs less overall

- Known to clean and protect the inside of your dishwasher

- Compatible with all standard dishwashing machines

- Deodorises and sanitises

- Does not contain fillers which are known to stay inside your dishwasher

- Not tested on animals

How to use:

Add 20g (1 TBSP) to your machine’s powder detergent dispenser (or to the bottom of the machine if no dispenser) and select the desired cleaning cycle.

Aprox 50 washes per kg of powder

Contains: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Tripoly, Sodium Percarbonate, Tetra Sodium Salt, Nonionic Surfactant and Natural  Eucalyptus Oil.

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