Organic Coriander Seed 50g

Organic Coriander Seed 50g

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The key to curry success! The seeds of the coriander plant are used to impart a refreshing but slightly spicy citrus flavour to sweet and savoury dishes. The small, round seeds can be used whole or ground and a light toasting can enhance their flavour and aroma. Encased in a papery husk, when ground it helps to thicken curries and sauces. Ground coriander can be used generously without overpowering a dish. 

Coriander powder marries well with almost all other spices and help balance out flavours when too much of a strong, pungent herb has been used. Use Coriander in your next homemade curry or pilaf, also indispensible in Middle Eastern cuisine. Try them roasted and crushed in Dukkah! Delicious!

Ingredients: Organic Coriander Whole

Storage: Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight

Origin: India

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