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Cardamom Ground 50g

Cardamom Ground 50g

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Make way for the Queen!

Cardamom was known as the queen of spices in early India. A tropical plant that produces pale green oval pods, once removed cardamom contains around ten small dark brown seeds with a resinous and fruity aroma. These are crushed or ground. Cardamom imparts a warm and refreshing flavour, similar to eucalyptus, lending it to use as a breath freshener. Its warm sweet and pungent aroma incorporates camphor, lemon, mint, pepper, and floral notes

Research suggests a number of heath benefits including reduced blood pressure and improved digestion from this spice.

How Much? 50g ~ 7 Tbsp

Ingredients: Cardamom

Origin: India

Storage: Store in a cool dry area, away from direct sunlight



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