Large Breast Pads

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Breast Pads –  large size

Hands up if you've breastfed in the past or planning on breastfeeding? Believe us when we say you want comfort between feeds. Our soft, washable breast pads are so comfortable and after personally using them myself after having both our children, I highly recommend them, as do many of our past customers!

Kate's Creations washable breast pads are handmade using 4 layers of fabric. 1 pretty outer fabric, 1 layer of cotton towelling and 2 layers of soft cotton flannelette. The soft flannelette fabric sits against your delicate skin and is completely free from the itchy scratchy feeling of disposable breast pads. Our breast pads come in two sizes – regular (9.5cm) and large (12cm). It really comes down to personal preference and milk production/leakage as to what size you will require. I usually recommend to expecting mums to have a few of both sizes on hand to begin with.

Care: Wash in normal wash cycle with other clothes. Tumble drying not recommended but speaking from experience they will survive going through a cycle! If tumble dried they will come out scrunched up. Just flatten out with your hands, store flat or pop them in your bra and you’re good to go!

Using reusable breast pads saves so many disposables from being thrown into landfill. Your boobs will smile, and so will the planet!


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